Listen & Watch

listen is an audio-visual wearable device, that speculates on how we perceive our surroundings. From a walk in a park, to a run through the streets of ones home town, ‘Listen’ is a wearable that creates dynamic visuals based on the ambient sounds that go unnoticed and unappreciated everyday. What this project consists of is an electro magnet which is embedded into the face of the watch, which is connected to a basic audio sensor. Based on the variations in ambient sounds, the audio sensor sends variable pulses to the electro magnet, which then stimulates micro-particles into unique landscapes in real time. What this aims to do is reconnect the user back to the landscapes they live in, by highlighting the subtle beauties that have in time become normal and unnoticed. With age, expectations of the extraordinary typically diminish, and the environment around us becomes uniform in the terms of ordinary. Though with Listen, these fleeting moments of beauty are reimagined, reformed and reinvigorated in order to create a deeper synergy between user and landscape.