The AV Chair


This project consisted of creating a commercially viable bucket chair, with research into current market trends and forecasts. This brief looked at the production of commercial furniture from the very first idea, through to selling Australia wide. 

With its elegant lines and dynamic composition, the AV Chair is formed through the help of local craftsmen and locally sourced materials. Consisting of solid rod for the frame, and various options for the sling, this design offers the consumer the chance to customise materials and finishes to their liking.

This design consists of 10mm wire for the frame and leather for the sling. As this design is targeted towards customisation, other options are available such as felt, and canvas. The finish of the frame is also optional, meaning a range of different colours and material combinations.

With a focus on customisation, this product puts the design element into the hands of the consumer. What this creates is a feeling of personality that the consumer identifies with on an emotional level, turning a commercial object into an heirloom that is passed down and not thrown away.