Copy of 26 Original Fakes


Melbourne Design Week
16-26 March, 2017

Curated by Dale Hardiman and Tom Skeehan
Organised by Friends & Associates
Exhibition design by Folk Architects

26 Original Fakes looks to the uncertified replica in contemporary Australian design practice, opening a conversation about the the issue of copying in both the creative and commercial markets.

26 contemporary Australian designers have reconfigured a replica of the Vitra Hal Wood chair designed by UK based Jasper Morrison. Through their own act of design, 26 cheap knock-offs reattain their value as authentic works – highlighting the centrality of the designer as a protagonist in the design of the products that surround us – and questioning how Australian consumers accept a situation where the creator of a work has their intellectual property stolen.

The prevalence of replica furniture in Australia raises serious issues pertaining to respecting design authorship, valuing creative practice and competing in a commercial market that is often hostile to the designer.