33° 51' 40'' S 151° 12' 46'' E


Prior to construction, core samples are taken to test the foundations of a landscape and are an excavated time capsule that symbolise the transition from a naturally formed environment to the man made. This project looks to champion the materials that form the foundations of modern construction, and turn the typically discarded material into a timepiece representative of its origin. sourced from 71-79 Macquarie street, Circular Quay or more accurately 33° 51' 40'' S 151° 12' 46'' E, this location is one of Sydney's most iconic and heritage listed areas, neighbouring such landmarks as The Rocks and the Sydney Opera House. Constructed in three pillars, this project forms a timepiece that depicts not only the daily time, but serves as a reminder of the time taken during the sedimentary process to form the sandstone. The hours of the clock are placed on the largest pillar of the piece to depict the extent of time taken in forming the sandstone, while the smallest pillar has the seconds hand which demonstrates how its formation took only a fraction of the time in comparison.

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